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Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field called Shiitake, where future consciousness is Designed. - Inspired by Rumi
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Okra & Tomatoes




Fast, easy and with great flavours, this is a deliciously unusual little recipe. 

Gooey okra with soft acidic tomatoes and crunchy heirloom radishes are a winning combination. This one goes down really well with another tapas dish to cvompliment it...a great one to make for your family, friends or just yourself!

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Pear & Pecan Salad




Full of warm crunch...the more-ish pear, crunchy sweet pecan and buckinis are just so tantalising mixed in with the juicy grapes and warm citrus dressing - what a treat!

A beautiful combination for the season, this recipe is really simple. The idea here is to inspire you to be creative with little tapas dishes. There's no hard & fast rules so feel free to to bulk them out with some of your old favourites.

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Beet Salad




Absolutely wonderful!

Crunchy, citrussy, and with a beautiful warming effect courtesy of the fresh garlic, turmeric and ginger...all brought together with a dash of tamari! You can always bulk this up with raw vegan cheeses and raw vegan breads, or simply serve with our Snake Beans recipe.

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Snake Beans with Cauliflower & Almonds


Tapas: little beauties! For the next two months I'd like to invite you to walk with me in exploring lots of easy simple recipe ideas. Remember that you can always bulk them up with whatever else that you have around the kitchen. The reason behind these tapas style recipes, is to inspire you towards different food combinations so that you'll stay happy this winter and feed your family with slightly warmer textures and flavours.

Snake beans are hardly ever used in recipes; they're delish with the right ingredients. Here we have a mixture of crunchy flavours with a dash of citrus...and a dash of Japanese flavours for that warming effect!

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Carrot, Orange & Sweet Potato With Fresh Chilies




Old school for sure, and very much ideal for a fast, easy and delicious soup recipe for the family when you're on the run!

Don't forget the fresh chilies...but if you're not a big fan like me, then go with jalapeƱo instead!

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